• Meet Part Harmony...
  • Corey Goodwin
  • Herb Tabron
  • Victor Tabron
  • Vincent Tabron
  • John Tiller
Part Harmony
Corey Goodwin Corey Goodwin Corey Goodwin is the youngest, most fly member of the group. Corey is also nephew to Victor, Vince, and Herb Tabron, truly making this a family affair. Corey originally joined the group 9 years ago but grew up around the group as he took notes from his uncles at an early age. Corey mostly sings Baritone, but can also be heard singing some 1st tenor in some songs.
Herb Tabron Herb Tabron Herb Tabron is one of the founding members of Part Harmony. As the oldest of the three brothers, Herb was instrumental in the group’s creation way back when. Herb’s unique tenor tone gives Part Harmony its unique sound. Herb Tabron normally provides a hard Second Tenor when he’s singing in the background. Herb’s signature song to lead is the ever popular “Rockin Robin”.
Victor Tabron Victor Tabron Victor Tabron is the youngest of all the brothers. Victor is easily the most important member of the group. Victor sings the bass. Victor is one of the best bass voices most people have never heard. When listening or watching Part Harmony perform, it’s easy to notice what the backbone and foundation of Part Harmony is. Victor doesn’t lead any songs, but Part Harmony would not exist if it weren’t for Victor’s unique skill set.
Vince Tabron Vincent Tabron Vincent Tabron is also one of the group’s founding members. Vince is the middle of the 3 brothers and twin brother to Victor Tabron. Vince’s versatility allows Part Harmony to sing a variety of different types of tones. Vince can fluctuate between 1st and 2nd Tenor. Vince leads about 40% of all of Part Harmony’s songs. One of Vince’s signature songs to lead is “How Sweet it Is”.
John Tiller John Tiller They say there’s one in every group. Well John is our one. John has been with Part Harmony for over 20 years and he can get and keep a party going all alone. John Tiller AKA TILL TILL, leads the majority of the songs. John’s unique 1st tenor, and flare for the spotlight enhance Part Harmony’s sound and stage presence. At the end of every Part Harmony performance its clear as to who the crowd favorite is.