Welcome to Part Harmony!

Part Harmony is one of Baltimore's finest acapella groups. Established in 1984, three brothers along with two cousins set out to bring joy to the hearts of everyone who listens through song.

Known for their ability to bring back the sounds of Doo Wop mixed with Motown and Flash, Part Harmony always seems to please their audience. Becoming an attraction each summer at Baltimore City's Inner Harbor Downtown Ampitheater, their popularity grows with every performance.

Some of their accomplishments consist of sharing the stage with some very elite company such as Sinbad, Angela Bofield, Natalie Cole, The Four Tops, The Drifters, and others. They also had a cameo appearance in Charles Dutton's directorial debut "The Corner" and the first episode of "Homicide."

With their flair of style and music, Part Harmony promises to continue to bring wholesome fun to everyone.